about horizontalverticals

We believe in doing what you love and doing it well and founded horizontalverticals in order to work with a talented group of individuals who are the best at what they do and who are passionate about doing it.

We'd rather be an excellent company than a large company and by working with a tight-knit group that shares the same standards and principles we are able to work with much greater efficiency and to much higher standards. By being selective in the projects we undertake and the clients we work with we ensure that we spend our time building great things instead of running a maze in different directions.

We specialize in:

  1. Software Architecture and Development
  2. Design, Usability and Accessibility
  3. Search Engine Optimization and Search Marketing
  4. Information Architecture and Data Analytics
  5. Marketing and Reputation Management

Need experts who can help level a competitive playing field?

We provide consulting, development and marketing services to a select group of clients. If you have a challenging project please feel free to contact us. We are always up for a challenge or an interesting project.