design and development

We enjoy making usable and well designed web applications and websites that have clean, object oriented code and that are a joy to use.

We are experts in the full LAMP stack of Linux, Apache, PHP and MySQL and like to write clean markup, CSS and JavaScript. Though we can work with other platforms we feel our talents are best on display using this toolset.

Our development principles include:

  1. Clean design
  2. Usable UI
  3. Lightweight and well written code
  4. Scalable architecture
  5. Clean cross-browser markup
  6. Abstracted, modular design for flexibility
  7. Agile development methodologies

We have found that a few developers who are very good at what they do, and who work very well together can often outperform much larger teams of less agile developers. We have a very close-knit team that works very well together and are able to outdevelop the average team of programmers though being as fastidious about our programming methodology and processes as our development standards.

Need a well-built application or website that is a joy to use?

We put a lot of love and hard work into our development projects and for this reason we are expecially discriminating when it comes to the projects we take on. If you share the principles of usability and understand that in good design sometimes less is more we may be a good fit Contact us and let us know about your project.